What RPs and IPs Are While Making Use of Free Riot Codes

Ways of winning in a LOL game

Playing League of Legends is a very engaging game as this multiplayer online battle features a gameplay which closely resembles the Defence of the Ancient (DOTA) which some of us would have been very familiar with. It has the same game play only with some addition of a “summoner” and items which could make or break games. The game has received a lot of audience because of the complexity that the game involves especially with the additions of runes and other boosters. The addition of such boosters made it possible to turn the tide of the game.

Runes and items

Taking a closer look at how winning in LOL is done, the addition of boosters and runes can make such a big advantage during the game. In fact, runes and booster can make the game more interesting. Runes are similar to the runes that we are quite familiar with from movies, but these runes have special abilities which when stacked correctly on the rune book can altogether make different sets of runes which unique abilities helpful in battle. There are also boosters which could be used to increase stats for a while or add buff on the champion heroes. These items can be purchased using IP points and RP Points.

What are RP and IP?

During the game, rewards such as gold can be attained through minion kills and by destroying turrets. IP Points or Influential points are also gain through it and can be used to buy items such as runes and boosters. Riot Points are costly, but there are always free riot codes so that you can buy them at a lower price. RPs and IPs are quite important because you can use it to influence the game and at the same time make you enjoy the benefits of items and runes.


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