Criminal Case Hack – A Hit with All Players

After the sensational Farmville, it is the chance of the next gaming app to take Facebook by a storm and it is the game called Criminal Case. There will be no person on Facebook who has not had a taste of this game.  If searched properly, the age range of the people playing this game is very wide, that is to say, people of all ages play this game religiously.

Addicted to the investigation

The game can be said to be an addiction and this causes lack of sleep in people who are blindly playing the game at odd hours but that is the beauty of the game itself. It is really very intriguing and enthralling and having a criminal case hack will only add to its value. The audience will be far more than it is today which itself is a very huge number. There are groups that help people get access to free energy and accessories but that is definitely not enough for a player to move up the ladder in terms of levels, this is where the hacks come into play.

Popularity across the globe

There are a few people who detest games and if it comes on their Facebook wall as newsfeed it irritates them even further. But this does not deter people from playing the game, and sharing the goodies such as potato chips and orange juice, though it is virtual. As a player moves up the ranks in terms of experience, further stages are unlocked, there are bonus stages as well. This can get very obsessing and in the given time to find all the objects, the thrill and adrenaline going though the spine is simply amazing.

How can anyone not enjoy such thrills and chills when the onus is on the player to solve the criminal case?



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