Knowing the Tricks and Strategies in the Hangman Game


When it comes to playing this game, you need to be able to apply the best strategy and the best game tricks for you to win. Winning this kind of game requires you to be very knowledgeable in many words and this game will also enhance your vocabulary skills. But basically, the very main reason that you need to consider here is that you must have enough stock knowledge on many words that may be not too common but will be appearing as guessing words in this game.

Now, given the fact that you are not so familiar with some words, you have to be very careful as to the letters that you will be choosing. The following are the helpful tips and tricks that you have to follow so that you will not have to end the game too early because you already lost the game.

Tips to win the game:

  • Choose to guess vowel letters.

The first option that you need to choose when it comes to what letter in the Hangman Game is that you have to first choose vowels in the alphabet. Surely, there are prepositions that you would already know what word it is as long as there is a vowel present. Words like “and”, “to, “for” would allow you to know the answer right away just because of the presence of a vowel letter.

  • Use context clues hints

Most famous phrases and words are being used in the game of Hangman. Thus, once you already guessed a certain word, you may best have to rely on context clues so that you would know that it is. For instance, a four letter phrase with “SHOW” and “MONEY” will lead you to a famous line by Tom Cruise in his move, Jerry McGuire. That would be “Show me the Money”.Look here for more details