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The Many Genres of Online Flash Games


As games become more complicated, it's only natural that they'd develop different genres for different niches and demographics. It isn't like video gaming back in the seventies and eighties, wherein games came in a "one size fits all" format or are just endless rehashes of a particularly popular game like Pong. At present, Online Flash Games come in all sorts of forms and presentations. www.besplatneigrice123.com You can play adventure games, platform games, RPG games, beat 'em up games, shoot 'em up games, and even fighting games as well as sports games, puzzle games, gambling games, and racing games. Naturally, due to graphical limitations, there aren't my immersive first-person shooter Flash games available, although there are some that simulate this.


The Different Flash Game Genres in Existence


  • Retro Games; Although emulation isn't strictly speaking legal unless you actually own the game cartridge or physical arcade cabinet of the game you're emulating through your PC or playing through your browser, there are a multitude of retro games out there featuring licensed and published carts of yore during the 8-bit and 16-bit eras (these are the games easiest to emulate on a typical browser.


  • Puzzle Games: Due to the graphical limitations of Flash, this seems to be the most common type of Flash game around. People can solve word puzzles, try to fit in blocks together, combine similarly colored nodes or jewels to clear out the screen, or help a game character find his way out of a platform maze. The iterations for puzzle games are endless; it all depends on the game developer's imagination.


  • Flash Board Games: Although seemingly lazy in execution, create video game equivalents of popular board games. This is a booming video game genre that has found its way into Flash games. There are TV game shows that have their Flash game equivalents that simulate and automate board game playing.


  • Online Flash Gambling Games: These games add an adult edge to child's play by allowing users to play popular casino games like poker and roulette complete with wagers and real-time player-versus-player action.